Distinguished Alumni Awards

In 2002, the Board of Directors of the Broughton Alumni Association, in anticipation of the school’s 75th birthday in 2004, voted to recognize outstanding alumni. It was our wish to honor these individuals and present a Distinguished Alumni plaque to the school during its official birthday celebration. (That plaque can be found in the main hallway by the front entrance to the school). A committee comprised of Art Raymond (’65), Bill Teague (’48), and yours truly studied the issues and offered a proposal and specific guidelines for recognizing these men and women. The Board accepted these guidelines and, since 2002, 40 former Broughton students have been accorded a ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’. We don’t award money or gold watches—just a few paragraphs in a newsletter and a name on that plaque in the main hallway. Not much reward for a lifetime of extraordinary accomplishments and service, but our way of saying “thanks” for all you have done and for making us proud!

How do we select our distinguished alumni? We know that many Broughton alumni, throughout a lifetime of accomplishments, have brought distinction to themselves, their families, and their alma mater. The purpose of the Broughton Alumni Association ‘Distinguished Alumni Award’, however, is to honor those exceedingly rare individuals who have risen to the top ranks in their chosen professions, provided needed leadership to the world at large, contributed to humanity, and exhibited outstanding character.

In accordance with our Preamble, to be eligible for this award an individual must exude stellar qualities in two primary areas: achievement and service.

Achievement – The candidate’s record of significant achievement(s) during his/her lifetime that has had an international, national, regional, or state impact OR attainment of a prestigious, unique position at an international, national, regional, or state level.

Service – The level of involvement in activities that contribute to the betterment of society. Essentially, this requires evidence of service to humanity, the nation, a state, or a community and should reveal the candidate’s character, leadership skills, and awareness of his or her fellow man.

Evidence of record of a candidate’s achievements and service may be obtained from curriculum vita, scholarly publications, magazine or newspaper articles, awards and citations, obituaries, personal contacts, etc. Any Broughton alumni can nominate any other Broughton alumni for consideration of the award. Indeed, we welcome such nominations! The Distinguished Alumni Committee that I chair includes Bill Teague (’48), Vicky Langley (’58), Debbie Martin (’69), and Courtney Black (’88). And, as always, Kathie Raymond (’67), our Executive Director, is available to take suggestions. The committee reviews, discusses, and rates evidence of credentials, and awards are made upon consensus of committee members. The number of awards made at any given time is at the discretion of the committee, and there is no requirement that an award be presented in any given year.

Previous recipients include top executives of Fortune 500 companies, nationally renowned physicians, a Chief Justice of the NC Supreme Court, a Chief Scientist at NASA, a Vice Chief of the US Air Force, three state senators, scholars, writers, and civic leaders. Some of these individuals have passed away, but I have personally spoken with many and can vouch for their tremendous achievements and service to society. Especially impressive are the numerous philanthropic, humanitarian, and leadership awards won by these persons. All Broughton alumni can take great pride in the accomplishments of our Distinguished Alumni!

’30 Senator James M. Poyner
’34 Major General Oscar F. Peatross
’36 Senator J. Ruffin Bailey
’36 Karl G. Hudson, Jr.
’37 Lawrence E. Blanchard, Jr.
’38 Senator Lura Self Tally
’38 M. Susan Jackson Mellette, MD
’39 Rear Admiral Edward U. Austin, DDS
’39 James S. Mitchener, Jr., MD
’43 Frank R. Anderson
’44 Edward C. Yates, Jr., PhD
’44 Judge George F. Bason
’46 Carl C. James
’47 Richard H. Jenrette
’48 George W. Paulson, MD
’48 Charles D. (Red) Barham, Jr.
’49 Frank A. Daniels
’49 Warren L. Batts
’49 William E. Easterling, Jr., MD
’50 Thaddeus A. Eure
’50 William E. Blackwell
’51 E. Reynolds Price
’52 G. Thomas Strickland, MD, PhD
’52 Verne S. Caviness, Jr., MD, PhD
’54 Alma E. Graham
’54 Danny Brigman Jones, MD
’54 Robert L. (Roddy) Jones
’57 Rear Admiral L. Ferguson Norton
’57 Talmage T. Brown, DVM, PhD
’57 Thomas W. Bradshaw, Jr.
’57 William M. Dunlap, MD
’58 Justice Burley B. Mitchell
’58 Anne Phyllis Tyler Modarressi
’59 G. Smedes York
’60 Major General Nathaniel H. Robb, Jr.
’61 Judge Howard E. Manning, Jr.
’61 James F. Goodmon
’62 James C. Ballenger, MD
’62 General John W. Handy
’65 Peter P. Maravich


Charles Johnson (′72) – Chairman
Distinguished Alumni Awards Committee