Who’s Who of NBHS Alumni

For over 100 years Marquis Who’s Who in America has been the premier reference book chronicling the achievements of notable professionals.  Selection for inclusion is based solely on merit.  One cannot purchase recognition by Marquis.  Marquis researchers and editors identify potential candidates.  An individual becomes eligible for listing by virtue of one’s position and/or significant achievements.  Approximately one person in 2500 is selected.  To the school’s credit, at least 65 alumni spanning the classes of 1937-1982 have earned this distinction.  A plaque honoring these men and women was donated by Don Winstead (’70) and hangs in the school’s main hall.

Four members of this select group give credit to our school for helping to shape their lives:

♦  Lura Self Tally (’38) was the first woman elected to the NC General Assembly from   Cumberland County.  At Broughton she was a member of the student council and the only female on the debate team.  She still recalls participating in a debate about utility deregulation.  She says she was “groomed for politics by the excellent education” she received at Broughton.

♦  John Crabtree PhD (’44) is a retired VP and Dean of Furman University.  He is “astonished” by the education students received at Broughton.  He recalls teachers like Miss Penney, Mrs. Joyner, and Mrs. Fonville helped make the school a “wonderful place for kids to grow up”.

♦  G. Thomas Strickland, Jr. MD, PhD (’52) is a physician and researcher at the University of Maryland School of Medicine as well as a world renown expert on infectious diseases.  He remembers always being in trouble and making only fair grades in school.  Yet, he states “Broughton changed my life.  The teachers were wonderful people and Mr. Holliday stayed on my butt”.

♦  D. Kern Holoman PhD (’65) is a professor of music at UC-Davis.  He credits Broughton with launching his three lifelong passions: music, writing, and French.  Although he didn’t know what to make of the experience at the time, he recalls the happy, gifted teachers who excelled at what they did.  According to him, the teachers were “folks I wanted to be like when I grew up.  Still do.”

Below are the former Broughton students known to be listed in Marquis Who’s Who in America.  The Alumni Association would like to recognize and congratulate these gifted classmates.  Some individuals may have been inadvertently omitted.  Please notify the Association if you have attained this recognition but are not listed below.

’37  Lawrence E. Blanchard, Jr. – Corporate Exec.
’38  Wright T. Dixon, Jr. – Attorney
’38  Susan Jackson Mellette MD – Physician/Educator
’38 George D. Penick MD – Physician
’38 Lura Self Tally – State Senator
’42 Thomas R. Hart PhD – Educator
’42 Braxton Schell – Attorney
’44 John H. Crabtree, Jr. PhD – Educator/Dean
’44  Edward C. Yates, Jr. PhD – Scientist
’45  Andrew B. Kirkpatrick, Jr. – Attorney
’46  Martha Regina McLaurin – Business Executive
’47  Helen Jean Anderson – Author/Editor
’47  Richard H. Jenrette – Corporate Executive
’48  Charles D. Barham, Jr. – Utility Executive
’48  John DeVogt PhD – Educator
’48  Robin J. Scroggs PhD – Theologian/Educator
’49  Warren L. Batts – Industry Executive
’49  Frank A. Daniels, Jr. – Newspaper Publisher
’49  William Easterling, Jr. MD – Physician/Educator
’49  Kenneth J. Smith, Jr. PhD – Educator
’50  Herschel Vincent Anderson – Library Director
’50  William Blackwell – Broadcast Industry Exec.
’52  Reynolds Price – Writer/Educator
’52  G. Thomas Strickland, Jr. MD, PhD – Physician
’54  Alma E. Graham – Editor/Writer
’54  Dan B. Jones MD -Physician/Educator
’54  George R. Ragsdale – Attorney
’56  Henry W. Harris – Television Executive
’57  James W. York, Jr. PhD – Educator
’58  Betsy Stevens Brown – Hotel Executive
’58 Thomas R. Cannon – Attorney
’58  Randle B. Carpenter – Attorney
’58  Burley B. Mitchell, Jr. – Chief Justice, NC Sup. Ct.


’58  Anne Phyllis Tyler Modarressi – Novelist
’58  Richard E. Nance PhD – Educator/Researcher
’59  Earl W. Brian – Information Services Executive
’59 Carl E. Edwards, Jr. – Attorney
’60 Walter W. Baker, Jr. – Attorney
’60 Charles R. Buckley, III – Attorney
’60 James S. Maffit, IV – Attorney
’60 Nathaniel Robb, Jr. – Adj. General, NC Nat. Guard
’61 Edward G. Blankenship – Architect
’61 Neal A. Jackson – Attorney
’62 Armistead J. Maupin, Jr. – Writer
’63 Herb Jackson – Artist/Educator
’64 William L. Flourney, Jr. – Environmental Analyst
’64 William M. Trout – Attorney
’65 John J. Beasley PhD – Educator
’65 James O. Eason – Insurance Executive
’65 D. Kern Holoman PhD – Musician/Educator
’65 R. Bernard Reeves, III – Editor/Publisher
’66 Richard Y. Stevens – County Manager/Attorney
’67 Helen Kay Nordan Campbell EdD -Nurse/Educator
’67 Richard L. Rice, Jr.- Architect
’67 Jean Alderman Clarke – Musician
’68 John W. Andrews – Newspaper Publisher
’69 Thomas H. Davis – Attorney
’69 Joseph M. Jenrette, III MD – Physician/Educator
’70 William B. Bunn, III MD – Physician/Attorney
’72 Charles L. Johnson, Jr PhD-Psychologist/Consultant
’74 Scott M. Hoch – Professional Golfer
’75 Jeana L. Aquadro – Graphic Designer
’75 Charles F. Carpenter – Attorney
’77 Carmen Wimberly Cauthen – Legislative Staff
’82 Luann M. Aronson – Actress